The rough draft is done for the sequel to my picture book that will be published in February 2006! Whoo hoo! Now, I need to let it sit a while so I can get rid of the mistakes before I send it. I have some great critique partners who always catch things. I wrote it so fast that when I went back over it, some of the math at the end was all wrong. UGH! Even simple math can get tricky if you're a little sloppy. Plus, this is fiction math. You can get swept up in the story and forget the details.

So, hopefully, there aren't too many mistakes. I'm itching to send it right out to my editors! Uga. I better chant, "I won't send it out yet. I won't send it out yet. I won't send it out..."

Well now that THAT'S basically done, what am I going to do? I have a novel WIP that's begging to get finished. Why can't I get those done quickly? My picture books are around 1500 - 2000 words and I usually finish in 2-3 days (once I iron out plot). If I did that with my novels, I'd be done in a few months. I guess the job is so daunting. Or maybe I have ADD? I can't seem to stick with a novel unless someone has requested it and I don't want someone to request an unfinished novel. I learned the hard way with my first. AACK!

Well, today is a day of rest. No writing.

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Good for you, Pam!