I've been in a slump lately. There's nothing that will bring on writer's block more than an editor who asks for a book--a certain book with a title and everything. I've never had this happen to me before. Usually, I'll come up with the book on my own. My editors didn't tell me what to write--just the subject--it is to be a sequel to my upcoming book in Feb '06.

Oh, I've been stuck, stuck, STUCK! I haven't written a stitch in about three weeks. Well, part of that was due to vacation. I've been doing research for the book, hoping that some ideas might plop in my head, but I gave up researching after the vacation. I pulled out all the math books I had in my own library and dropped them on my desk yesterday afternoon. I was going to read every one of them again and again until something hit.

After I did some of my Bible Study yesterday, I prayed that God would help. I had a helpless feeling wash over me. I mean, seriously. I have editors WAITING for a sequel ASAP. This is a sold book! And I couldn't come up with a reasonable plot. Well, this morning, while on my daily run, the plot played itself in my head miraculously! I have all of it. And I believe it is even better than the first book! I am amazed and awed at the power of God. I am not deserving of this gift at all, but I am soooo thankful.

He does work miracles, even for little things like plotting a book. Sure I know how to plot a book, but He inspires me.

If you need inspiration. Seek Him. He will always be there for you.

Now, I'm off to write a book!

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