Going out of town for the 4th!

This will be my last post for a while. I'm going to visit my parents before they jet off to India. They will be living there for a year. Hopefully, we'll be able to visit sometime next year!

Sent out my contracts today. So, that's over and now I can look forward to the revised ms and seeing sketches. I'm wondering if they will be using the same illustrator as my first book. He will undoubtedly be doing the sequel to my first, so he could be busy, unless they are going to wait a while before publishing the second. Hmm...

I came back from my book club yesterday totally enlightened about the ending to My Sister's Keeper. I feel much better about it since I realize the intent of the author. She's showing that we have no real control over life and so maybe we should think about what we are doing when we try to manipulate things, ie, fetal tissue research, stem cells, genetic manipulation, etc. So, I retract that I hated the ending. I now love it! (Well, as much as I can--it's still sad.)

I am reading The City of Ember. Yes, I'm slow. I haven't had time last year to read very much. My book club took most of my reading time and they love adult lit. I do get a chance to plug a YA book every now and then. This is my choice for the month. I also got them to read Traveling Pants, which they loved and are hooked on the series. I wanted all of us to go to the movie, but most of the original book club moved away and the new members haven't read the book...sigh...I will remedy their taste on YA, though! HA! Now, if only I could get them to love sci fi/fantasy...ahh, I think there's no hope.

Tomorrow is a writing day! I'm looking forward to getting back to my novel WIP!


thatgirlygirl said...

Have a good 4th, Pam. Congrats on the contracts!

Pam Calvert said...

Thanks, Tanya!!

You're such a sweet friend!