I'm a Narrative Writer...

I found a writing quiz on one of my fellow authors' blogs: Alison Dellenbaugh

It's really freaky. This describes me! And I was very flummoxed by the quiz. It doesn't make much sense but it worked for me! HA! I'm not a poet and I write stories that are very structured. I also outline or go through the plot before I even start to write. I did start studying the classics by the age of ten and absolutely devoured Homer's Odyssey at age 12 (my 7th grade students groan at the thought now!) Yes, I was a geek!

And I do have to include poetry within my picture books, but there's a reason. It will either be a riddle, game, or spell. I don't do it for pure poetic sake. How could the quiz surmise this from the bizarre answers?

You are a narrative writer. Usually a writer of
stories rather than poetry, you grew up reading
Shakespeare's less popular and heard of
plays--like King Lear or the Henry series. Your
writing contains a certain order and
organization--be it chronological or otherwise.
If you are to write poetry, it has to convey a
logical (or perhaps unreal) story with some
sort of order behind it.

What's YOUR Writing Style?
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thatgirlygirl said...

Oooh, fun, Pam! I'm off to take the quiz, too. I'm enjoying your blog.

Pam Calvert said...


You'll have to let me know what kind of writer you are!

Pam :-)