Oh, the Tide is Turning...

Posted on SCBWI's website is Dial's new policy of no response unless contacted by the four month mark. That means no FORMS! Hooray! When Houghton Mifflin submitted a similar policy, I was about the only one who stood up and applauded. If this trend starts, we will no longer be worrying over a response at the 12th month mark! I've been waiting on Bloomsbury for well over 12 months. Yes, they have told me they are considering, but nothing more. It only takes a few weeks for an agent to get a response.

So, hooray for you, Dial! May more publishers go the route of no response. It will save on SASE's, time, and my nerves.

*Pam cracks her knuckles* Just went through a round of contract negotiations for my new book. I think it went well! Thank you, Lord! (My agent. Tee hee!)

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