My poor miniature pinscher chased a skunk in our backyard last night. UGH! So I had to leave her out there all night since it was too late to do anything. She cried and whined the whole night. I didn't get any sleep.

Today, I've spent all morning and afternoon trying various de-skunking recipes on her. None of them worked so I had to go to Walmart and get peroxide, mineral oil, Dawn, and a douche! That did the trick. Tee hee! Well, that's not the formula. You take one gallon of water, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 pint of peroxide and a few drops of Dawn liquid detergent. It really got rid of the smell. The douche made her head smell better since I was cautious about her eyes (I had to drop mineral oil in them to protect.) Sigh. I'm so tired. It's naptime!

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