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Front page news!

Tee hee! Well, I went to get the paper today and what do you know? I'm the lead article! That was surprising and flattering. The newspaper did a great job with the article and information. Here's a peek, although you can't access the article since it's not up on their website:

Del Rio News Herald--Sunday, July 31, 2005

Interview went well!

I just came home from my interview with the paper. The editor interviewed me and was really nice and easy to talk to. It should be in this Sunday's paper. We'll see!

I read an interview with J.K. Rowling about her writing, and it does seem that she will undoubtedly end the series in the next book. I think she will be a little lost without the constant thought of HP since she's been at it for 15 years. But I do know how other projects can make you forget your favorite and become all consuming as well. She's hinting at writing detective novels. I'm very sad that she won't do any more fantasy. It doesn't have to be in competition with HP, but she thinks it will so she won't do it. I think that's like Jane Austen never doing another English gentry society novel on romance and social manners. I was so sad that she could only write six books.

Here's the interview:

Interview with J.K. Rowling


Just got an email from my editor who says they are accepting my THIRD book! WHOOPIE! Gosh, I just sent it in a few weeks ago. Now, that's a fast acceptance. Tee hee! Thank you, Lord!


Got a call from the local paper. They want to interview me for an article about my story in Highlights. Well, this is a surprise! I am glad to be in a small town. Tee hee!

Finished up my novel synopses and am doing a few revision suggestions by my wonderful critique partner who, I predict, will be making her novel debut soon! Can't wait until that news happens. She's an incredible writer and I'm very lucky to have her look over my novels.

This is shaping up to be a great day! Thank you, Lord!

Done with HP6

Hooray! I'm finally finished with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I must say that I enjoyed the ride so that means it is a worthy book--at least for me. Unfortunately, my girls were devestated through the last 30 pages and were crying, hating this book because of certain things that happened. It did feel as if Harry didn't accomplish much from a juvenile perspective, but I think Rowling sets up the next book rather nicely. As I don't think she will end the book next time, I do believe there are at least two more books. Maybe Rowling adamantly said there would only be one more book, but I know how the market drives subsequent books. I do hope she does two more books because I think only one more book won't do the story justice.

Of course, this is my little, feeble opinion, not worth noting in the realm of Harry Potter. Heh...heh...

One thing that IS bad for me as a writer--HP forced me to read all day to my girls and I didn't get my writing goals accomplished…

Computer down and frustrating news!

My computer has been down for a few days. During that time I received a response card from a publisher telling me that they had lost my manuscript (after 13 MONTHS)and want me to resend it with the SASE for consideration. Sigh...

I got a very nice email from the Zonderkidz editor again. She is such a sweetie. I do hope everything works out because I know we'd have a great relationship! Such a treat!

In good news, I got my Highlights contributor copies in the mail and my signed contract from Charlesbridge for the second book.

Harry Potter lives down the street!

I've always known this. When I first moved into my house, I had two boys show up at my doorstep wanting to play with my son. One looked incredibly familiar. It was Harry Potter! At Halloween, not only did he don his Gryffindor robes and wield a wooden wand, but his brother transformed into none other than Harry's nemesis, Draco Malfoy!!

Well, all my suspicions were proved correct today. Splashed on the front page of the Life section in the San Antonio newspaper were none other than my two neighbors, Harry and Draco!! (Theron and Shane Burghard). Tee hee!

If you wanna take a peek, here's a link:

Harry and Draco

Muse Moment

Today I brainstormed and came up with the three titles to the new novels, a synopsis for one and subject matter for all three. So, I feel as if there's actually hope! Of course it's going to take a while to fine tune these plotlines, but I have time. Just getting through this first step has been a confidence booster! YEA!

Tomorrow, I'm going into full force brainstorm mode to get a handle on the rest of the books and then I'll write up the teasers. After that, I'll outline all of them to help me feel good about where the stories are going. It's great to have wonderful, interesting characters. Storylines practically write themselves! I won't dawdle too long on this since it's on spec and not a done deal by any means. I need to get back to my novel WIP that should be finished by September. I have an editor critiquing it and I'd like to shop it around to agents by that time.

Only TWO more days until Harry Potter. I never dreamed that I would be one of t…

Oh, I forgot!

Since there's been so much good news flying around lately, I almost forgot about my little story appearing in the Highlights August issue. I DID come home to that as well. It's entitled, Bread, Biscuits, and Pandas. I love how the illustrator showed the fish in the end. She got it right! I had to sketch the fish for them since they had never seen one like that. I'm amazed that the illustrator figured out the shading perfectly without ever seeing one. My sketch was a pencil/shape drawing'm anything BUT an illustrator. HA!

I'm hoping to start on the plot outline for my next novel. I'm totally SCARED about having to dream up two more on top of this one. Well, I'd better break in some new running shoes. I can only plot when I run. I guess that's safer than on the road. This morning I was plotting as I was driving to a dentist appointment and totally missed the office by about 15 blocks. Egad. Luckily there's no penalty for DWP--driving while…