Done with HP6

Hooray! I'm finally finished with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I must say that I enjoyed the ride so that means it is a worthy book--at least for me. Unfortunately, my girls were devestated through the last 30 pages and were crying, hating this book because of certain things that happened. It did feel as if Harry didn't accomplish much from a juvenile perspective, but I think Rowling sets up the next book rather nicely. As I don't think she will end the book next time, I do believe there are at least two more books. Maybe Rowling adamantly said there would only be one more book, but I know how the market drives subsequent books. I do hope she does two more books because I think only one more book won't do the story justice.

Of course, this is my little, feeble opinion, not worth noting in the realm of Harry Potter. Heh...heh...

One thing that IS bad for me as a writer--HP forced me to read all day to my girls and I didn't get my writing goals accomplished today and now the weekend is upon me. I have to wait until Monday to finish up my novel synopses.

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