Interview went well!

I just came home from my interview with the paper. The editor interviewed me and was really nice and easy to talk to. It should be in this Sunday's paper. We'll see!

I read an interview with J.K. Rowling about her writing, and it does seem that she will undoubtedly end the series in the next book. I think she will be a little lost without the constant thought of HP since she's been at it for 15 years. But I do know how other projects can make you forget your favorite and become all consuming as well. She's hinting at writing detective novels. I'm very sad that she won't do any more fantasy. It doesn't have to be in competition with HP, but she thinks it will so she won't do it. I think that's like Jane Austen never doing another English gentry society novel on romance and social manners. I was so sad that she could only write six books.

Here's the interview:

Interview with J.K. Rowling

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