Got a call from the local paper. They want to interview me for an article about my story in Highlights. Well, this is a surprise! I am glad to be in a small town. Tee hee!

Finished up my novel synopses and am doing a few revision suggestions by my wonderful critique partner who, I predict, will be making her novel debut soon! Can't wait until that news happens. She's an incredible writer and I'm very lucky to have her look over my novels.

This is shaping up to be a great day! Thank you, Lord!


Chris Barton said...

Whee! How fun -- enjoy the interview (the first of many, I hope).

Pam Calvert said...
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Pam Calvert said...

Thanks, Chris!

Actually, I had been interviewed before for an article about my e-books. My e-publisher, StoryPlus, is owned by Jean Chalopin, creator of Inspector Gadget. He had the money to hire a top notch press agency and so, I got a great cover story for their Lifestyle pullout magazine. That was fun! I hope to be able to plug my upcoming book, too!