Muse Moment

Today I brainstormed and came up with the three titles to the new novels, a synopsis for one and subject matter for all three. So, I feel as if there's actually hope! Of course it's going to take a while to fine tune these plotlines, but I have time. Just getting through this first step has been a confidence booster! YEA!

Tomorrow, I'm going into full force brainstorm mode to get a handle on the rest of the books and then I'll write up the teasers. After that, I'll outline all of them to help me feel good about where the stories are going. It's great to have wonderful, interesting characters. Storylines practically write themselves! I won't dawdle too long on this since it's on spec and not a done deal by any means. I need to get back to my novel WIP that should be finished by September. I have an editor critiquing it and I'd like to shop it around to agents by that time.

Only TWO more days until Harry Potter. I never dreamed that I would be one of the masses in love with this story, but I can't help it. I only listened to the cd of the first out of sheer need as a children's author to enlighten myself--I mean, how can you be a children's author without at least exploring what makes children WANT to read incessantly? Well, after I listened, I understood. Sheer magic! I will have to say that Rowling's creative world has helped me broaden my writing. She is a big influence into how to make things fun for kids.

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