Oh, I forgot!

Since there's been so much good news flying around lately, I almost forgot about my little story appearing in the Highlights August issue. I DID come home to that as well. It's entitled, Bread, Biscuits, and Pandas. I love how the illustrator showed the fish in the end. She got it right! I had to sketch the fish for them since they had never seen one like that. I'm amazed that the illustrator figured out the shading perfectly without ever seeing one. My sketch was a pencil/shape drawing and...um...I'm anything BUT an illustrator. HA!

I'm hoping to start on the plot outline for my next novel. I'm totally SCARED about having to dream up two more on top of this one. Well, I'd better break in some new running shoes. I can only plot when I run. I guess that's safer than on the road. This morning I was plotting as I was driving to a dentist appointment and totally missed the office by about 15 blocks. Egad. Luckily there's no penalty for DWP--driving while plotting. I've got to stop that, but I couldn't have my normal morning jog.

Well, even though I'm working really hard on these books for the series, it's not a done deal. It might not happen. Even if the editor LOVES everything, the marketing gurus may say it won't sell. So, I'm not in big celebration mode. I don't have a contract, but I am excited to at least get this opportunity and have an editor at Zonderkidz who at least likes my writing.

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