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10 years ago

I had a three year old and a 20 month old AND was six months pregnant. I remember people asking when I was about to HAVE that baby. "Any day, right?" It was only July. I'd say, "November." Their eyes would grow to the size of two grapefruits and then they'd say, "Ahem...uh...s-sorry." They'd smile sheepishly and hurry on their way. Yeah. I wasn't a happy, fat camper. Was I writing? Who had time??

5 years ago

I was living in Guam and at the pinnicle of writing short stories. I think I had my first acceptance by Highlights there. I wrote my first novel there, too. I only had about four chapters done when an agent requested it. I wrote feverishly for two months and completed it. Since then, it's gone through many major revisions. Needless to say, the agent didn't want it in its first draft state. (Egad!)

1 year ago

I wrote several picture books and had my second pb acceptance at this time last year. Also, I went to Chautauqua where I met many of my favorite authors (Jerry & Eileen Spinelli, Linda Sue Park) and some fabulous editors!


Finished up a cover for my requested novel and sent my "baby" out. Sigh...suffered from PSD--post submission depression, a common ailment that attacks most emotionally challenged writers (ALL OF US!)


I am getting a housekeeper because hubby can't take the "writer-grundge" that creeps around a house cared for by a bibliophile. Taking teen to orthodontist, having someone fix our broken drawers, and hosting my monthly book club. We will be discussing City of Ember.

5 snacks I enjoy

SKITTLES, chips and guacamole, dried squid, octapus, and Oreo cookie Blasts from Sonic (yes, I live in a small town!)

5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs

Um...there are rock bands/artists out there??

5 things I would do with a $100,000,000

Egad! Give half away and then I wouldn't know what to do with the other half. Start a publishing company? Nah...I wouldn't want to die an early death...

5 locations I would like to run away to

Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii...

5 bad habits I have

Drinking Rockstar energy drinks (ZING!), poor housekeeping, obsessions (movies, computers, books, etc.), procrastination...

5 things I like doing

running, reading, writing, Bible study, traveling

5 things I will never wear

Belly button rings (Eww...with four kids, you wouldn't WANT me to!, granny dresses, hats...I'll wear anything else (I think.)

5 t.v. shows I like(d)

I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke, Andy Griffith, Cheers, Survivor, Lizzie McGuire

5 movies I like

Any Jane Austen flick, Anything with Humphrey Bogart, Star Wars(all), Napoleon Dynamite, Meet the Parents

5 people I'd like to meet

Yeeps! I'll meet 'em all in heaven!

5 biggest joys at the moment

Husband! Kids! Health! Writing accomplishments.

5 favorite toys

Computer, PS2, mountain bike (I'm not a guy. I don't have many toys.)

5 people to tag

Everyone has already been tagged, so if you haven't--YOU'RE IT!

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