Good mail!

I saw one of my manila envelopes sticking out of my mailbox today. I chuckled to myself and thought, I wonder who got thumped today. But to my surprise it was from an editor at Scholastic! I was so confused. I didn't think I'd sent anything to this editor...and then I remembered my conference critique from the conference I wasn't able to attend!

I must say, it was the most admiring critique I've gotten to date. She writes, "You have a strong descriptive writing style, and I especially liked your vivid descriptions of ____. Your use of imagery was great, and (young hero's) overactive imagination comes through clear and strong as well. He comes through as a very spunky, budding hero."

For her critique, she just asked for a few minor changes and some things to think about for the rest of the book that I might have put in the rest of the manuscript.

At the end, she writes, "When (the ms) is finished, I'd be happy to take a look at the whole manuscript."


So, now, my dilemma. Do I search for agents or just send it to her?

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