There's hope...

Unlike what I've been reading in blogland today, I'm seeing real live care around where I live. I've been hearing real live stories about people helping people all over the south. Just as in 9-11, we were unprepared. We will always be unprepared for huge catastrophies. Why? Because we think things will always be the same. We CANNOT predict the future. I don't understand all this blame I'm reading in the blogs.

I've seen SO many people around me LEAVE--federal employees from the USAF and the Border Patrol who are sending boats and volunteering their time to help. Everyone around my town is doing something to help and I've been sent emails from people I know who are SOOOO grateful for the help and support.

People will see red if they want. People will see hope if they want.

I'm fervently praying for us all.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Pam. I think tragedies like this one bring out the worst and the best in people. People are frustrated at all the suffering, and at the feeling of helplessness.

This was a natural disaster, and we were unprepared. Apportioning fault is a waste of time right now. That can be addressed in the future. Right now, the focus should not be on blaming governments or anyone else, but in doing everything we can to help the victims.

Hindsight is 20/20. Should the levees have been built better? Should the government have been ready with supplies and relief so it could be provided sooner? Should there have been emergency evacuation plans in place, especially at the hospitals and other places with people that were less able to flee? Should all able-bodied people with the resources to do so have left the cities that were hit?

I'm sure there is blame to go around, but I wish that instead of so much focus on the things that aren't happening, we could hear more about how many people are mobilizing to help out through drives, donations, and prayers.

McSwain said...

I've seen a few blogs out there start to focus on the heroes. YAY! I'm proud to watch our churches step up to the plate also, from the Southern Baptists manning kitchens for the Red Cross to individual churches collecting funds and helping to search.