Fun With Writers!

Jessica (Jayca), Alison, Pam, Lillian (Pickles), Miriam--my online buds! Posted by Picasa

I absolutely love hanging out with writers. There's nothing like it. I just got back from a SCBWI conference in Austin and was amazed by the graciousness of other literary people. I rarely get to "hang out" with them at home, so it's such a treat to spend a day thinking and talking about books for kids. I also got to meet fellow Charlesbridge author, Chris Barton. He was such a nice guy but busy! He was helping with the conference.

And jadedmetaphor (Liz) was there. I'm SO sorry she didn't make the pic. I didn't see her at the end of the conference!

Conference info that might help:

Melanie Cecka says that she takes over a year to respond but she is open to all genres.

Mark McVeigh is looking for mg/YA humor, fantasy, and high concept (I'm not exactly sure what that is although he did explain it.)

There were art directors there but since I'm not an illustrator, I didn't sit in on their groups.

The conference really tried to service all authors at different stages in their career. I was happy to talk with a literary lawyer as well as a book marketing person. Oh, and the food was YUMMY! Great job, Austin!

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