Can't believe the marathon was fun!!!!

I just came home from Houston--yes, I'm hobbling around like a 100 year old, but still...

I had a blast!!! The Houston marathon was so much fun and my training paid off. In fact, you always hear that people hit "the wall" on mile 20, but I was in a euphoric state at that point. It wasn't until mile 22 that my legs were begging me to stop, but I wouldn't. Well, I couldn't. You know?

I ran it in 4 hours 41 minutes (the official time was 4:44, but I had to wait several minutes to cross the starting line). I went out way too fast--about a 9 minute pace and stayed there for a while. For most of the race, I ran between 10 minutes to 10:30's, but by mile 22, I started crashing and my legs wouldn't move faster than 12:30. Tee hee! Oh, well! I had to cut my last long training run because of sickness. I do want to run another one. And I would never have guessed that!

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