Book Signing a Success!

I wanted to share my pictures with you! The book event was such a success, I'm really overwhelmed. I love talking with children! There's nothing like a wide eyed surprise or a bubble of laughter to melt my heart. I can't wait to do another one!

Starting my talk Posted by Picasa

In this picture, I'm telling them how I started as an author. I'm about to do the science experiment that blows a balloon out of "my" head with a story. Tee hee!

Trying to amaze with my balloon story idea! Posted by Picasa

A little one has a question! (in red!) Posted by Picasa

reading! Posted by Picasa

The big kids are getting into it... Posted by Picasa

Nice bulletin board. :-) Posted by Picasa

Zap! You have SIX noses!!! Posted by Picasa

signing...whew! Posted by Picasa

Tee hee! It looks like no one is at the signing, but there were many children and we sold a lot of books! One thing I want to share is that you are under TREMENDOUS stress when you see a long line of people waiting on you to sign. In the middle of the signing, I realized I wasn't speaking to any of the children. I'd just sign and sign and sign. I wondered if they thought I was a stoney faced author who didn't love them! So, I decided to make an effort to look each one in the eye and say something to them before I signed. That made a huge difference. They beamed when I did this. Too bad I didn't realize it in the beginning. Sigh...

I made "Menace Mix"--a trail mix that was inhaled right down to the last peanut. I also served "Palace Punch". They loved it. I know you can't tell from the pictures, but I had a red elf hat with a yellow feather, much like Rumpelstiltskin's in the book. At the end of the reading, I had two children act out Rumpelstiltskin zapping a child's nose. He would say, "Nose times six!" and I popped a picture of the king's noses on the child. It was a hoot! Too bad it didn't come out very well in the picture.

You know, events such as these make me feel so blessed to even have the chance at becoming an author. It's a perk that I never dreamed about when I started this venture. What an amazing day! I praise you, Lord!


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