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And the winner is...

The Castle Cant. Ohhhh, I'm LOVING it! I absolutely think the voice is incredible and the plot captivating. Tee hee! But then, I love mg fiction over YA since that's what I guys might get bored with this stuff. Thanks to Amanda for suggesting it!

Went to the library...

I'm revving up for my new WIP and I always do that by reading. Here are some books I found. I'm having trouble deciding what I want to read first:

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan

The Secret of Castle Cant by K.P. Bath

Traitor by Andy Mc Nab and Robert Rigby

I've always wanted to read Funke but her voice is off putting depending on her translator.

Still waiting on the agent front. The crickets are getting louder and louder...sigh...

We're moving to CA!!

We got the official word that we are moving to CA. Hooray!! I can't WAIT to go to the SCBWI National conference. Too bad it won't be this year. I'll be moving right around that weekend. But I'll be there in 2007!

I also heard that the base houses are quite a bit bigger than what I'm in. Thank the Lord! Housing aside, I'm just ready to be around a metropolitan area. I'm a city girl, after all. I was raised in a suburb of Dallas and this desert remote area is very hard. There's just nothing to do except count rattlesnakes! At least I'm not scared of them anymore. HA! (I wonder if that's a good thing?)