We're moving to CA!!

We got the official word that we are moving to CA. Hooray!! I can't WAIT to go to the SCBWI National conference. Too bad it won't be this year. I'll be moving right around that weekend. But I'll be there in 2007!

I also heard that the base houses are quite a bit bigger than what I'm in. Thank the Lord! Housing aside, I'm just ready to be around a metropolitan area. I'm a city girl, after all. I was raised in a suburb of Dallas and this desert remote area is very hard. There's just nothing to do except count rattlesnakes! At least I'm not scared of them anymore. HA! (I wonder if that's a good thing?)


Roz said...

GREAT NEWS! Which base are you going to Pam? I was stationed At Vandenberg for several years.
Are you going there, Travis?

Pam Calvert said...

We're going to Beale--30 minutes north of Sacramento. I'm SOOO excited about this.