I just found out that I have been picked to write a series of read-aloud stories for an educational company. The assignment is to write 12 to 20 read alouds in 6 weeks.


I can't believe this has happened, really. I've tried out for FIVE of these types of jobs and each time, I wasn't chosen. REJECTION! WAH! But luckily, I didn't give up. If I heard of a job opening, I always sent my resume and tried out. Because of this, I had samples that fit perfectly for this company, so it wasn't a waste of time like I'd thought when reading those horrible rejections in my in-box. Tee hee!

But beware what you wish for! After I received the email from the ed, I panicked. Do I really have time for this? I'm in the middle of an agent search (which takes time), it's almost the end of the 6 weeks and I have HUNDREDS of papers still to grade (these are writing papers and take FOREVER), I teach a Bible study, and I'm helping direct our Vacation Bible School this year, NOT TO MENTION I have four children to mother AND I'm in the middle of brainstorming my WIP.


But God is good. The ed emailed me and said the subject that he's thinking about giving me isn't finished and so, I'll get it later. Whew! Hopefully, I'll be caught up by then.

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