Leaving for TLA tomorrow

I'm very excited and busy. I'm leaving for Houston tomorrow, driving almost seven hours. On Thursday, I'll be doing my very first large school visit. I'll be speaking to three groups of 150 kids. I've finished my power point presentation, now I just hope it all works and comes together. Not sure if I'll have any pictures to share but my sis-in-law likes taking them, so maybe.

On Friday, I'll be meeting with Randi Rivers and catching up. That will be fun. I haven't seen her since the Chautauqua retreat in 2004. She was a blast to hang around. After that, I'll be signing from 11-12. I really don't know what to expect. It's at the end of the conference so maybe there will only be crickets chirping as I twiddle my thumbs. I asked for this slot since I'd originally thought my family could spend the weekend there with my brother's family but my kids have other plans (the life of teens!) So, this might have been a dumb idea.

Anyone have any experience about these things? I've never been to one. I will try to peruse as many booths as I can. If I learn anything new, I'll certainly post it here. Randi should be telling me more about their new Bridge book line.

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