Lovin' California already!

Wow. What a difference a week makes. The transition/trip to California was hard, toting four kids, a dog and a cat via the floods in El Paso (yes, we just so happened to hit El Paso just as they closed the roads for the worst flood in 50 years) and surviving the WORST pet friendly military assigned "motel" in my experience (in military-ese, we call them a TLF--temporary living facility). Oh, would you like a tour? Come with me to the motel of your dreams...

A used tampon greeted us at the door. :-P Posted by Picasa

The lovely stuffing of the pristine couch.

The beautiful cabinets complete with pet scratches for added artistic touch!

Tired of straight shelves? Broken ones for your family's pleasure.

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Burnt sienna stains for added ambiance.

Who needs working shades anyway?

Bonus carpet stains with a splash of ode de pet urine (instead of splash, make that a tidal wave).

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I realize that my base house can't compare, but I'm truly elated to be out of there for some weird reason...

California schools are awesome and I'm settling in quite well. I was going to homeschool my high functioning autistic son, but talking with the school officials, I know he'll get the best services. They have a perfect class for him--it's a combination 4th/5th grade classroom with a teacher that has a special ed. background. Wow.

AND I even have TWO neighbors who run eight miles a day for kicks plus come over to invite me to do jumping jacks, weights, and squats at their house three days a week. I think I like this place. WEE!!!!


Roz said...

GOOD lord. I thought our TLF in Nevada was scary.
Where are you stationed?
You can email me privately to protect the.... um....YUCK!

Pam Calvert said...

Hey, I'm not protecting them! They should be outed! Beale AFB.

Roz said...

HAHHAHA! tsk tsk on Beale!!
Hope the rest of your experience is more promising.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! I've had tough TLF but that takes the cake!

I'm glad the schools seem to be good and the neighbors too! Good neighbors can make all the difference in the world.

Nothing will ever beat the neighbor I had at Bolling AFB...(wink-wink) Hey Roz!

Angela said...

You've got a great attitude, but boy this makes me mad. Terrible that hubby risks everything and this is the thanks he gets.