Innovative Kids

I just got a copy of the first mystery of Clue School--the series that I'm writing and I must say that I'm so impressed with the quality of the book. It is an easy reader (for grades 2nd and 3rd) and attached is a 64 piece puzzle. My 10 year old son LOVES it because it is a fun mystery and the puzzle is hard enough to challenge him. He hasn't read my mystery yet (I worked on several versions of two books) so I'm going to surprise him with it.

My five year old daughter said, glumly, "Mom, I want you to buy me the one you wrote for MY AGE!" Tee hee. Um, well, I had to tell her my books aren't for her age. She wasn't happy about that. There are some puzzle easy readers by them for her age so I'm going to get them. They make great presents. And FYI, this is not an ad for my books. It's work-for-hire for me, so I don't make royalties off of them. I'm just thoroughly impressed. :-D

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