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Go! Jo! JoNo Mojo!

Okay, so I was wondering, "What's up with this JoNoWrimo stuff?" and then Liz set me straight. I joined! Yay! Thanks, jadedmetaphor!

My goals are: 1. To finish the revision of my current novel.

2. Pray.

3. To start on my brand new novel WIP. I need better objectives? Okay, to write the synopsis and chapter by chapter outline AND start my new WIP. How's that? I've already done a character chart, but I'll revise that since I've brainstormed more stuff. This will be a girl mg novel--quite a change from my current wip. It was going to be paranormal/portal-ish, but it's turned into an interesting contemporary preteen something-that-I-can't-reveal as yet. I can't wait to get started.

Almost finished the new chapter and another has emerged. HA! I knew that would happen, but more is good for this book. Very happy about today.