My day...

Meg asked me to come have lunch with her and to see her "in action" and oh, btw, why not read your book to our whole first grade class! HA! We had so much fun and I was sent home with a bundle (80) thank you letters. There's nothing sweeter!

I wanted to share a little of Meg's life with these pics:

Meg and me! (Notice those wonderful winter scenes behind us!!! Meg's so creative with her class!!!)

This is the left hand corner of Meg's first grade classroom. There's the "author" chair where I read the story.

Here's Meg at her desk. Isn't she so organized? You should have seen her students--they were all very respectful and full of joy. They love her! AND she writes thousands of words on her novel a day. She's a superwoman!!!

Thanks, Meg
for letting me see your kids!!!!

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