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Check it out!

I just got an email from the blog author of Miss Rumphius Effect and Open Wide, Look Inside. She teaches elementary math pedagogy--they are studying how to bring math literature into the classroom and each chose a favorite title and guess what? One of her students chose Multiplying Menace. Here's the podcast if you're interested: Podcast

In Princess news, my illustrator, Tuesday Mourning, was interviewed on a Style show and believe it or not, that is not her real name! HA! Check out the short clip and see if you can find Princess Peepers cover (I haven't revealed it yet--you've only seen the title page.) If you're curious, check it out here (click on "watch video" to the upper right of the screen) : Tuesday Mourning on STYLEIf you haven't seen the title page of Princess Peepers (without the title, but you can imagine where it will go! LOL!), just click below: