Princess Peepers Helping Princesses!

In 2003, I got a frantic email from a mother whose 6 year old daughter refused to wear glasses because princesses don't. She asked if I knew if there was a book about princesses wearing glasses and if I didn't, would I write one. I couldn't believe there weren't any princesses with glasses out there, but once I started thinking about it, I felt she might be right. So, I searched the internet, bookstores, and libraries and found nothing. In fact, there were hardly any books about kids wearing glasses.

And so Princess Peepers was born...

When I set out to write the book, I knew all too well what wearing glasses did to your self esteem. I was a little girl who wore glasses and remembered the teasing I suffered as a child. Maybe the comments weren't always there, but somewhere deep inside, I didn't like myself because I was different.

Here's my little spectacled self at age 9:

Now that the book is out, there are a lot of people searching the internet for a princess who wears glasses and they find my website. I think they've always been searching for a book like this, but never found it. I think that's sad. And it says something about our society.
I've been amazed at how many people search about this problem. I've found blogs from mothers and fathers who have wondered why there aren't princesses with glasses. In fact, one father, who is a radio host, implored Disney to create one princess who wore glasses to help his little girl's self esteem. Other stories are heartbreaking. Some parents have little girls with horrible scarring from eye surgeries, patching, and near-blindness and yet, these girls are yearning to look and feel like a princess! As they should!
I'm happy to say some girls are hearing about the book. I got a note from Scotland the other day from a very thankful mom with a three year old princess who has to wear glasses. I hope the book helps her self esteem. I really do.
Here's a link to a blog from a mother with a princess who has to wear a patch. I was thankful to read it! Princesses DO Wear Glasses!!!! And Patches, too.
If you know about any princesses who need glasses, please let them know there is one princess who understands. :-)
And one author...


Sarah J Clark said...

What an awesome idea. Very cool you rose to the challenge, and it's paying off, not only for you, but for thousands of other parents and children who can benefit from your story. So cool.

PS -- wearing my running shoes right now! =)

Pam Calvert said...

Tee hee!

Thanks, Sarah!!!

PS--I've got to get new ones today!!! Definitely wearing them out...LOL!