I've been out of town this weekend, but I woke up to some amazing soup that Jama Rattigan ( ) whipped up in honor of Princess Peepers! If you want to taste, go here: Princess Soup! Thank you, Jama!!!! If you'd like to order a book, support your local independent bookstore: Indiebound

To celebrate my little princess' birth, I want to offer this sparkly gift:


The bag is filled with all things sweet little princesses need to get through their day whether they're 5 or 50! (There might be some Starbucks and bookshop gift certificates in there, too!) Plus a signed copy will be included. I'm also offering two more signed books. What will you need to do to play? Just post a blog about my little princess. The most creative will win the gift bag/signed copy and I will put all other blogs in the raffle for two signed books.

Just post here that you want to play. Blog posts are due by next Monday, September 15th. Email me to say when it's up at pam (at)

Have a Royally Sparkly Day!

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