Princess Peepers Nominated!

I'm very excited to announce that Princess Peepers was nominated for the Cybils 2008 Award: Fiction Picture book category. This is a list of the best picture books released in 2008 that not only encompasses literary merit but lots of parent and kid appeal. The Cybils Awards were formed after some frustration with traditional awards in the children's publishing realm that seemed to forget kid-appeal as a redeeming quality. That left out many humorous books, such as the kind I write! :-) So, I'm very thankful to be on the list with lots of other wonderful picture books.

The next step is a board of children's literature aficionados from the blogging world will read all of the nominations and will whittle them down to about 5 to 7 worthy offerings. Then they will choose the winner!

I'm also pleased to report that Princess Peepers was chosen as a Picture Book of the Day by Anastasia Suen. She gives teachers a few educational tips when reading Princess Peepers in the classroom. Check it out! Princess Peepers: Picture Book of the Day

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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