Little Girls, Big Smiles!

I'm amazed every time I open my mail and see a sweet face who is wearing glasses and loves being Princess Peepers. Here's one! Isn't she cute?

Recently, I was told about a beautiful story where a poor family came into an independent bookstore and the daughter was wearing glasses. She immediately went to Princess Peepers and wanted it. Unfortunately, the family could not afford the book. So, the gracious owners gave her the book! Two weeks later, the family came back to the store. The little girl was cradling the book as she always does. The family wanted to thank them. It's her very favorite!

Of course, we're sending that store a copy! And I'm very thankful that the book means that much to some little girls' self esteem. 8-D

Happy Spring!

Pam 8-D

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Donna J. Shepherd said...

What a heartwarming story! And the pics are darling. Thanks for sharing them.