Found a Friend's book today!

I love shopping at my local indie bookstore. They always have the best books in stock and today was no exception. Look what I found? One of my very special friend's book, Me With You, by Kristy Dempsey.

The story is a child's journey with her grandfather and how she is different from him but how they can share each other's special moments. I dare you not to get teared up by the ending! This would be a perfect book to give any child as a special gift!

And my daughter found another special book...she wanted it in the picture, too. ;-) If she looks like she's not smiling, it's because she just had a cavity filled and her lips weren't working. It was her idea to go to the bookstore. I wasn't going to say anything to the store owner about Princess Peepers, but she proudly went up to the counter and bragged. It's nice to have an instant fan around. Tee hee!

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