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More Conversations with an 8 Year Old

So, I was following my daily regimen of dabbing lotion on my face. Ahem...well, it was a particular KIND of ointment:

My 8 year old daughter walks in and eyes my activity. Then says abruptly, "That's to get rid of your wrinkles, right?"

I look rather sheepisly at my botox-in-a-bottle and say, "Uh...yeah..."

She shakes her head and says, "Too bad they lie to you like that." She throws her hands up in the air. "They just LIE!" Then she turns on her heels and leaves me with my lie-in-a-bottle.


Tee hee!

A Conversation with Two 8 Year Olds

Yesterday, I was driving home with my youngest daughter and her VBF (very best friend). This was their conversation. My daughter is C and her friend is H. H: Do you know how old Barbie is? C: Um....29? H: NO! FIFTY! C: OMG!!! How does she look so young? H: I don't's creepy! C: What the heck is with that name anyway? Barbie. It's so weird. H: Yeah... So, when we got home, I showed them the REAL Barbie:

My daughter looked at the picture and said, "Makes sense to me!" and skipped out of my room. Tee hee!

A Whole School of Royal Peepers!

This Canadian school loved Princess Peepers SO much, they gathered all their royalty who wear glasses for a pic with one of their favorite books! It brought tears to my eyes to see all of them. In fact, the one boy who is holding the book JUST got a pair of glasses a few days ago and wasn't sure if it was "cool". But now he knows it's the coolest thing in school!

Thank you, librarians and teachers, for bringing this book to your students and helping them with their self esteem. I feel honored to see their bright faces and especially, their royal peepers!

What a Beautiful Princess!

I opened my email today to find this lovely lady! And one of her favorite books. ;-D Isn't she cute? She's the daughter of my very talented blog designer. I'll be adding her beautiful picture to Princess Peepers' Glamour Gallery!

Looking at this little princess reminded me of when I was about her age. I used to wear glasses that looked almost exactly like those. I remember my mother clipping on a black eye patch and I was always trying to see around it. Since I'd get teased so much, I gave up wearing it. My bad eye isn't correctable now and I only truly see out of my left eye. I guess I had amblyopia. There's a blog about this disorder with many pics of the beautiful children and their amazing patches! Long gone are the days of the black plastic clip on patches!

If your child is struggling with "lazy eye"and their patch, you can get many ideas on how to cope. Just pop on over to Adventures in Amblyopia. If you have a picture of your child with their…