A Conversation with Two 8 Year Olds

Yesterday, I was driving home with my youngest daughter and her VBF (very best friend). This was their conversation. My daughter is C and her friend is H.
H: Do you know how old Barbie is?
C: Um....29?
C: OMG!!! How does she look so young?
H: I don't know...it's creepy!
C: What the heck is with that name anyway? Barbie. It's so weird.
H: Yeah...
So, when we got home, I showed them the REAL Barbie:

My daughter looked at the picture and said, "Makes sense to me!" and skipped out of my room. Tee hee!


Shelli said...

nice :)

AritistaDonna said...

wow! I never saw Barbie look this old!

Eli said...

That is too cute. And that picture makes me laugh! I guess she would look old. Haha!