What a Turnout!

When I headed over to Modesto last night, I was praying there would at least be five children there. I have this fear of crickets playing as I'm sitting at a signing table, twiddling my thumbs in a huge Barnes and Noble. People might squint at Princess Peepers, make a quick smile, then slide away so I won't force them to buy my books.

Well, that nightmare didn't happen! Thank God!

I knew things might be going well when I approached the store. I could see the bright children's center teeming with kids. I couldn't believe it!
Most of them were wearing sparkly specs and adoring eyes for their favorite book, Princess Peepers. It brought tears to my eyes. A dream come true. Really. I never imagined children would want to see me read a book that I wrote. It's something I'd hope would happen one day, but never allowed myself to believe it.

Now I've been a children's author for a while. I've done school visits. I've had book launches with children lining up to get my autograph. But this time it was different. Maybe it was the place or the children or the book. I don't know...

When I was finished with the reading, it was time to sign. The children crowded around and it seemed like forever until they cleared out enough for there to be a real line.

What fun!

If you're reading this and wishing it could happen to you one day, I'm here to say it can. Your dreams can come true. It just takes perseverance! Princess Peepers was rejected 13 times before Marshall Cavendish picked it up. Thirteen! And I'd submitted it for over two years. I'd actually almost given up on it until a friend told me to send it to her publisher.

I want to say thank you to the children of Our Lady Fatima school who made me feel very special last night!


Oh, and one more thing...check out THE BOOTS!!!! YES! I broke down and got them last week...tee hee! ------->


Terresa said...

Sounds like a lovely book! It's on my "to read" list now!

Glad you had a good turnout, too! Now, where are my sparkley glasses...

Jen said...

Pam!! So awesome and I am SO happy for you!!!
(PS love those boots!)

Bekah said...

Ohmiword, yes, I am sitting here wishing fervantly that that will be ME someday... ^^


KatherineR said...

That's a big stack of books! Did you sign them all?

Yes, LOVE those boots! I'm not tall enough to sport boots that high! I'm sure DH will forgive you. Tee hee!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

You are living the dream - and we are jealous! :)
The books looks absolutely darling and I love your site. Count me in as a new fan! :)

Sergio Ruzzier said...

Good luck with your book!

Yaya' s Changing World said...

This looks like sooooo much fun.

::Yaya moans and asks the age-old question, "Will I EVER be published?"::

I'm soooo thrilled for you. It gives me renewed hope that my day will come. ~ Yaya

Yaya's Changing World