Winter Wonderland

Last night, my daughter had a Christmas party. She was dreaming about it for weeks and it seemed like it was going to be spectacular. We prepared and decorated and couldn't wait for all the 8 year olds to swarm the house!

Here's some pics of the preparation!

(My daughter loves to cut cheese! HA!)

To the right is the place where the kids would create Christmas ornaments and decorate cupcakes.

I think we're ready!

Now, if you notice in the background, the clouds are looking a bit stormy...and the trees are still evergreen...

Yep! A huge snowstorm hit shortly after this picture was taken. So, only TWO children braved the storm to come.


To fully appreciate what the girls braved last night, this is what the outside looked like this morning:

No school today!

Now where did I put my piles of coal, carrot stick, and magic hat...


Anonymous said...

You can think of it as a "dress rehearsal" for many parties to come :)

Tamika: said...

The cupcakes look yummy! I love the idea of having a Christmas party for the kids- I may have to try that next year.

Send snow my way!

Pam Calvert said...

Tamika--we're definitely doing it next year. We won't be snowed out! HA! It was such a blast and fairly easy to do...and the joy on her face, well, so worth it!!!