Princess Peepers Party Cupcakes

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and my little one has been begging me to make those cute little Princess Peepers cupcakes. So, we decided to go PINK and have fun! 

First we baked the cupcakes and frosted them. For the glasses, I decided to use something that was edible, malleable, and already in Princess Peepers pink: Laffy Taffy's!

In order to make the taffy more like dough, I put the candy in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Then we rolled it and started cutting out the lenses. We used all kinds of shapes with our nifty jello cutters (aspic) we got from this online shop:

Sur La Table!

Then my little princess cut out the lenses, and the arms of the glasses. We made about four glasses, but three got eaten. Oops!

Here's the finished product:

The hardest part about making these is NOT, I repeat, NOT to eat the glasses before they can go on the cupcakes! But at least we had one finished cupcake to show you.

Now, I'm off to eat another cupcake because I have a cold and I deserve it...tee hee!


Unknown said…
How cute & yummy!!
Amy Holder said…
Adorable! I may have to try this with my niece. Thanks! :)
Mary Ann Dames said…
Oh, Pam, I like what you did with the recipe I created for Princess Peepers. I especially like the use of pink taffy idea. Every week on my blog there are new recipes (Wednesdays) as well as suggestions for books to read (Monday). I've added another section to my blog called Creative Friday. Thanks for all the inspiration.
KatherineR said…
Seriously yummy!!
Mary E Campbell said…
so cute and creative.
Unknown said…
Hi Pam! I randomly stumbled upon your blog and thought it was cool to see that you are an author to children's book. I LOVE children's book and appreciate a good story to read to my kids. My only little people are boys - so the princess story won't interest them - heaven's no. HA! But that Multiplying Menace looks like something they'd enjoy.

Well, I'll run off for now, but I just wanted to say hello from a fellow author. :)

Unknown said…
I've given you an award!!! Check it out here!!
Katie said…
Those are so cute!!

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