Give it up!

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. That's usually the time when people commit to give up something that will help them focus on the season leading up to Easter. My denomination doesn't usually celebrate it but we have many friends who do observe the tradition and so, last year, my oldest daughter decided to give up something for the 40 days leading up to Easter. She gave up chocolate.

GASP! I know! How could she do such a thing? I knew I wasn't going to give up something as hard as that, but then she had a great experience because every time her friends offered her some chocolate (and she couldn't believe how many times they did) she could focus on Jesus and what he gave up for us.

So, this year, I've decided to participate. I was thinking about chocolate, but then I'm okay with that as long as I have Skittles. :-D I could have given up all sweets, but really, I don't need them that much. Therefore, I decided to give up this horrible vice:

I'm not sure if I can do it! Ahhhh! And I'm going to be extremely tired for about a month.

While we were discussing this in the car, my oldest asked my youngest, C, what she was giving up for Lent. She said, quickly and without any reservation at all, "School."

Ya gotta love the mind of an 8 year old!

Edited to add: My 16 year old daughter said that a girl in her class gave up...TALKING!!! How could a 16 year old give THAT up? Now, that's dedication! (I asked her how the girl was supposed to answer the teacher's questions, but she just shrugged. LOL! That's a great ploy to get out of giving answers. "Um, teacher? It's against her religion to answer your question at the moment." That's almost as good as C giving up school... ;-D)


Karen said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. Whatever you give up, it's to help you focus on the sacrifice made on Good Friday. :)

Blythe said...

Most of the other children I went to grade school with were Catholic (I am not), and they always joked about giving up math or cabbage. When push came to shove they helped each other "remember" to do the right thing.

Silence is a spiritual exercise--I hope her teachers accommodate her. It would be a good lesson in tolerance and compassion for all the other students, too.

Pam Calvert said...

Blythe: I think so...I just thought it was a major thing to do as a teen--very courageous. (And I was just teasing about her motivations. I know they were pure.) I do hope her friends and teachers help her.

I need to ask my daughter how she's doing!

Jen said...

Wow, Pam...Rockstar? Hats off to you, girl, I'll be praying for strength!

Pam Calvert said...

LOL, Jen! You definitely know was hard the first few days, but now I'm sailing along! YAY! God's broken the bondage of the energy drink!