I HEART February!

It's only the third day of February and it's shaping up to be a sparkly good month already!

THANK YOU, Jennifer Daiker from Unedited, for giving me this award:


And that's one of the best ones I've seen around the blogosphere, so I'm really flattered. Check out her blog!

Now, I'm handing it to the following:

1. To Bryan Bliss--just cuz he's so darn funny! And he probably won't ever get a serious award because we all know funny people make us laugh but the awards boards never give the humorists any respect...so, here...put it on your highest shelf, Bry. Don't let it get dusty!
2. To Heim Binas Fiction--simply because I'm star struck! I LOVE all things Santa Clause (especially child actors IN The Santa Clause. Heh.) And it's fun to read her blog!
3. To Princess Bookie--well, because...yeah!!! She's a PRINCESS!! Hello? AND her blog oozes pink and cupcakes and books.

4. To The Word Crafter--at only twelve, she's an inspiration! And I used to jam to her tunes (when she had them on her blog, but she took them off! Gack!) Anyway, I know great things will come from her because they already have!

5. To Carpe Diem--because I've been loving all her character sketches and she's such a joy to read. (I'm so AMAZED at these young writers! SO TALENTED!!!) You're going places!

And now, everyone, go get yourself something chocolate, too, cuz it's FEBRUARY!!!

Then to make my February even more fabulous, I received this in the mail today:

I ADORE manga, so when I saw this adaptation of a favorite series, I had to snap it up. THEREFORE, I'm taking a break from the boy books via Kindle to sink into this paperback under a blanket of warm, pink, bubbles...ahh...


Karen said...

What a pretty award!

Jen said...

Congratulations again!!! It was very well deserved and I am honored to be the first one to give one to you!!!

Kendrabelle Logan said...

Oh my gosh! My mouth actually fell open when I saw you'd awarded me! :D Thank you!