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A Tale of Two Sisters, a Pixie, and a Princess Book!

Ahh...two lovely sisters...but not only are they sisters, they're BFF's! Nothing could come between them. Not even boys.

Then something arrives at the door...

But wait! It's the new princess book they've been DYING to read for months! Who will get to read it first?
"You know I asked to read this first," says H, calmly twisting it ever so slightly out of her sister's grasp.

"No, you didn't!" K grabs onto the spine a little more fiercely. "You get to read every book Mom brings home first. It's my turn!"

"But it's about princesses and you know that's like my favorite subject. Still."

"Yeah, but PINK is my favorite color and this is all pink and sparkly and PERFECT!"

All at once, a pixie appears (who suspiciously looks like their little sister.)

"Did someone say they wanted to be pink? Your wish is my command."

And she waves her magic wand...


She turns one into a pink dragon and the other i…

Jeepers! Princess Peepers is in Scholastic Book Clubs April issue!

If you want a paperback of Princess Peepers, you can get it in the April issue of Scholastic Book Clubs' Firefly issue (pg. 9). It's only FOUR dollars! Click here: Princess Peepers in Scholastic

I had to buy one from them since I don't get author's copies. Isn't that funny? It's quite a bit smaller than the original, but it's fun to have.

If you have a child that's preschool age, they should be coming home with it next month. If you'd like a signed bookplate, just let me know and I'll send you one. :-D

Happy March!

Last month started with an award and this one is starting off just as hot (although it's cold around here. SNOW!)
Thank you to Bumples Magazine's, Sandie Lee, for giving Woven With Pixie Dust a sunshine and sparkly award:
Isn't that cool?
About Bumples for all those folks who like to write for magazines. They pay twenty cents a word! That's better than Highlights for Children and they're new, so the competition won't be as fierce since not many know about it...YET!
So, I'm giving this award to the following:
1. Aspire--by a very talented young writer, Hannah. She's AMAZING. Go read her post:  Tying His Shoes: My Road to Healing.  I dare you not to cry!
2. PB Planet--Ame's kinda dropped off since 2010, so I want to bring her back. WE NEED MORE PICTURE BOOK BLOGS! There. I've stopped yelling. Aren't you glad?
3. Thing 1 and Thing 2--Corey Schwartz has interesting articles and hey! She's a picture book author. Go check out her blog!
4. No…