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Inspiration! Liquid Story Binder XE

I remember many years ago, I was reading Melissa Marr's blog (she was then just a simple struggling novelist like me). She was talking about her process while she was writing Wicked Lovely. I was mesmerised by her creativity. She would set a mood all around her with pictures taped to her monitor and desk so she could capture the scenes of her imaginary world. It was a familiar world in that it was city-scapes of today, but since she didn't live right in the heart of a major city, she needed to immerse herself in that world.

I also remember thinking that I'd love to do the same thing with my work, but I couldn't at the time. I was writing a middle grade novel set in the here and now and also set in the town I was living, but I never forgot the inspiration she shared and it followed me to my current WIP. This one needs mood because it is set in an imaginary world. And I have to be immersed in that world or I won't be able to write it very well.

I tried to use pictur…