Don't Miss Princess Peepers in the Scholastic catalog!

I'm happy to announce that Princess Peepers will once again be offered in Scholastic Book Clubs for the month of June! It will be in the preschool flyer, Honeybee. It's on the last page under Summer Reading Recommendations. Honeybee June 2010 Look for it if your child comes home with it this month. If you need a signed bookplate, just ask!

Also, Scholastic has chosen Princess Peepers as a Scholastic Reading Counts book!

The pic above is from a recent school visit. My very first HUGE cake with a Peepers image. It was delicious!

In Princess Peepers Picks a Pet news, the artwork is finished. Hooray! And I'm DYING to see it. I've "heard" that Peepers will be sporting some swanky animal print glasses with Princess Peepers pink lenses!


MamaBear said...

Oh, my goodness! Could I be more excited that you were on my blog?? I read Princess Peepers to my kindergarteners recently, and like my daughter, they loved it. They'll all be thrilled when I tell them another Peepers story is on the way! Thanks so much!

Pam Calvert said...
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Pam Calvert said...

Hey! I'm so glad you found MY blog!!! And happy your kindergartners loved Peepers.

Many hugs and happy summer!