New Princess Peepers Contest!

There's a new contest for Princess Peepers sponsored by a wonderful blog geared toward parents of children with glasses, Little Four Eyes.

Here are the rules:

 In order to enter, you must send a picture of your “prince” or “princess.” Each picture will receive one point each for the following:

  • Wearing glasses (three points)

  • Wearing a crown or tiara (one point)

  • Dressing up like a price or princess (one point)

  • Carrying a wand or magic Stick (one point)

  • Having something sparkly in the picture (one point)

  • An extra accessory such as: a cape, necklace, wings… (one point)

  • Parent in the picture with at least 3 of the above items on (one point)

All the entries received by June 19th will be considered. If there is more than one picture with all 9 points, the names will be entered into a hat and drawn randomly for a winner. Of course, by sending these pictures, you are agreeing to let the Little Four Eyes Blog post them. E-mail them to ajrenchin @ yahoo. com (you must remove the spaces).

For more information, please go to this blog: Little Four Eyes

If you know of any parent with children who wear glasses, please tell them! Or if you just know little princeeses, they'd love to join as well. It's going to be fun!

Hugs and fairy wishes to all!

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