PiBoIdMo time!

It's that time of the year--Picture Book Idea Month. Sorry I'm a little late in promoting this great event, BUT I've been busy with LOTS of school visits and really, when I'm working like that, I don't have much time to blog and write (so writing comes first!)

I will be posting about what helps me brainstorm through a picture book to make it more creative and visual. This post will arrive on November 25th--yes, black Friday! But if you're too stuffed to go out on Friday, pop on over to Tara Lazar's blog and check it out: PiBoIdMo. Also, you should check out all the guest posts this month. It's a treasure trove of information about writing picture books!

One thing that has been spectacular for me about being a picture book author is that I get to share what I do with children. They think I'm a rock star. They really do! And that kind of love really helps you want to write more the next day, even when you get a boat load of rejections (which I still get--even from my own publishers!!!) I'll be posting one of those school visits soon. All of the kindergarten teachers dressed like Peepers! In fact, there were a ton of Peepers wandering around the school. So cute!


Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, I will definitely hop over and check it out. I haven't missed one yet :)

Check out Bonnie Adamson's and James Burkes'. Those were my two faves!

Pam Calvert said...

I will! Oh, and it'll be on Thanksgiving...OOPS!