Princess Peepers Picks a Pet CONTEST!

Princess Peepers is back in a charming new book:


And I'm so excited that I'm running a contest fit only for a one of a kind princess like Princess Peepers.

Here's the Grand Prize!

A HUGE bag full of goodies for your princess worth over $100 which includes:

--a princess skirt

--matching flower headband

--matching glasses

--8 sparkly hair clips

--matching satin handbag

--princess crown

--princess bubbles

--princess candy ring

--princess candy necklace

--a stuffed dragon (guess whose pet that is?)

AND a hard cover copy of Princess Peepers Picks a Pet

But that's not all! Included is a $30 gift certificate to a bookstore of your choice PLUS a $25 gift certificate to Starbucks (for the royal parents!)

I'm also giving away FIVE Princess Peepers Picks a Pet books for the five runners up. Now what do you need to do to WIN?

Choose one or all of these ways--the more you do, the more entries you'll receive AND the better your chances of winning!

1. Just say hi here. You will receive ONE entry.

2. Announce the arrival of Princess Peepers Picks a Pet on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or some other social network. Make sure you tell me so I can give you credit! (1 entry for each!)

3. Like Princess Peepers on Facebook (if you haven't already) here: Princess Peepers on FB Make sure to tell me on FB so I can give you credit! (You will receive one entry.)

4. Go on amazon,, or and review the original Princess Peepers (only if you've read it!) (You will receive FIVE entries!)

5. Take a picture of your little princess (or prince) holding the original Princess Peepers book (must be a new picture that hasn't been on the web.) I will post it on my website and Princess Peepers FB throughout the contest (no names will be mentioned). EVERY child will receive princess bubbles (or prince bubbles) and a bookmark who enters a picture. If I receive MANY pictures, the princess (or prince) who has the most overall entries will receive a special place of honor on my Princess Peepers Glamour Gallery website page. (This is worth TEN entries!)

6. Get creative! Do something amazing. When Princess Peepers came out, there were SEVERAL really creative entries. Here are some links: Jeepers Peepers, Peepers Cutie (This is worth TEN entries!)

This contest will last until March 6th. I will be posting here and FB throughout the contest to remind you. Don't wait until the last minute!



Unknown said…
Wow, Pam! What an amazing contest. I'll spread the word on my blog. :)
Pam Calvert said…
Thanks, Karen! You're gathering entries already! :-D HUGS!!!
Emily said…
Cool! I'll spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!
Love the contest! I'd love to enter!
I liked you on facebook and let everyone know about your contest and that the book is out!
Announced the arrival on my blog. :)
Julie Haakenson said…
Liked you already on FB and just mentioned your book on my wall! So excited to get our own copy. Congrats Pam I am SO very proud of you!

Julie Haakenson
KatherineR said…
That's the book that Tot wants to have read to her over and over! It's a big hit in our house!
Unknown said…
Hi! Sounds great! Emily told me about it and here I am! I'd love this, and this looks totally cute! Off to like you on Facebook! (left a comment under Janie.ohio, but deleted it as it was the wrong account. Sorry!)
Unknown said…
Liked you on Facebook and shared on my wall. :)
Polson Family said…
Very cute! I'm sure all little princesses are gonna love it! Going to share this on facebook!!
Unknown said…
I'll post on littlefoureyes tonight =) I also
1. Liked you on Facebook
2. Posted about your new book on my Facebook
3. Wrote a review for the first book on B&N
and I'll e-mail you a new picture... any excuse to dress up in our house is a must!!!!
Pam Calvert said…
Got you all entered and can't wait to see the cutie pie pic!!!
Anonymous said…

Thank you so much for writing these books. What a wonderful contest, too.

I liked Princess Peepers on fb (Ann Zawistoski). We'll be getting dressed up for a picture too!
Beckyb said…
Just enjoyed your new book tonight with my girls - another winner!
Beckyb said…
Posted on facebook!
Beckyb said…
Posted on twitter! :)
Beckyb said…
Liked princess peepers on facebook!
Beckyb said…
How fun - thanks for the fun contest Pam!! We already have a picture up on your site - we love your books!
jalynnstevulak said…
What an awesome giveaway... My little girls would love this, thanks! :)
jalynnstevulak said…
Liked Princess Peepers on FB.
jalynnstevulak said…
Michele Warner said…
Hello Pam! I love this contest!! We are still reading "Princess Peepers" on a regular basis to Rylie, 2 years later after the party at the Beale CAC!! I always tell her how I know the mommy who wrote this book and she gets so excited :) Congrats on the new book! Can't wait to get it!!
Michele Warner said…
Actually, I think it was 3 years ago! WOW, time flies! I liked you on FB, shared your link, and reviewed you on borders-- I have a picture of Rylie opening "Princess Peepers" for Christmas when she was only 21 mos, plus lots from the party at the CAC. Posting soon!
Pam Calvert said…
Hey, everyone! Thanks for the comments and entries-- I'm keeping up!! You all ROCK!
MT said…
We are so excited about the new book!

My daughter Belle LOVES princess peepers :) We already "like" you on facebook,.. we don't just like you, we LOVE you :)

I shared a link on my wall (MaryTara Wurmser) and also on the Amblyopia Kids Facebook page. I will also post something on the Amblyopia Kids blog so that means it will go out to readership as well as twitter, etc.
Amanda Sampson said…
I am a fan on fb and I will spread the word on fb and twitter! Thanks!
MT said…
Also - went to review the original on Amazon but realized I already have :) I also reviewed the original on

Will definitely help spread the word about the new book too!!!!!

Can't wait. Just emailed you a photo!!!!
Daisy Haffner said…
Great contest!!! I'm a fan on FB and also shared it on my wall.
cstironkat said…
Hi There, thank you for the contest.
cstironkat said…
3/2 tweet!/cstironkat/status/43128373844770816
Stephanie said…
Hi! I just liked you on FB and posted that the book is coming out!
Unknown said…
GTREAY Contest!
Unknown said…
GREAT prize pack!!
Unknown said…
liked Facebook page :)

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