Celebrity Apprentice: Children's Lit Edition--My Thoughts

I was overjoyed when I finally got to see the Celebrity Apprentice episode this week. Princess Peepers did indeed receive her FIVE SECONDS of fame!! And believe me, this is five seconds more than I would have ever thought would have appeared on that show or any other show for that matter. So, I was IMMENSELY HAPPY!!

There's a lot to talk about behind the scenes--mainly that Margery Cuyler gave A LOT of advice to the contestants, but it only appeared that she quipped a few sentences. I loved seeing her sparkling face during the skits when the contestants presented their plays, and overall, thought the teams did a fantastic job in the little amount of time they had.

It's HARD to write a good children's book.

Neither team wrote a particularly charming children's story and both didn't have much in the way of creativity. I knew that Margery had given Princess Peepers as an example of story structure and it looked as if the men's team's offering was a blatant copy of that structure--(kids making fun of a child who was unsure about their looks; kid finally realizing they were great just they way they are.) Unfortunately, there wasn't anything to escalate the drama nor did the child solve the problem--the teacher did. So, don't lose heart, children's authors! They didn't produce a winning children's book in a day (as most people think it's easy to write a picture book). And neither did the women's team, but I liked their rendition better--the kids seemed to enjoy it more, and it was way more kid-friendly, imho.

Overall, I was pleased with the show--especially when the screen flashed all the Marshall Cavendish books! If you didn't get to see the show, you can enjoy it here: Celebrity Apprentice: Child's Play  And you can do what I did--pause the video when all the books are being shown! Maybe obsess over Princess Peepers being on the table--in the hands of some of the contestants. LOL! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Pammy, your book was the high point for me. It makes me a bit angry the impression that was left, that is easy, and can be banged out there. I did like the fact that the rhyme was pretty darned good (another fallacy, but when you have a great song writer it does help, eh?) and I loved the presentations to the kids and seeing the audience faces, editor and children alike. I'm so happy your book was (prominently) featured, and I hope you get some sales out of them! I believe I saw Peepers at our local Target and Walmart stores, so I'm glad your "bebe" is getting about!

Pam Calvert said...

Hey, Agster, my darling!!! I don't know if there will be any more sales because of the show, BUT it was sure fun for me (and others who already knew about the book.) I did a week of school visits just prior to the show, so it was fun to tell everyone to tune in--no one asked me if I was famous (as I usually get that every time.) LOL!!

I thought the actual writing of the ladies' team was pretty horrible--akin to an 8 year olds, but I should give them a break--they aren't writers. The men excelled much better at that and I believe got them the nod. (But I stand by my preference just because of the kids. We're writing for children after all.)

Anonymous said...

I was so excited when I saw PRINCESS PEEPERS front and center! I was screaming and pointing at the screen. My kids were thrilled, too! It was a pretty hilarious episode. Who knew the women would be so ruthless over a children's book? I really wonder if that book will be published. My guess is that it won't, unless they hire a ghost writer to completely re-work it.

Pam Calvert said...

Tara--I know...I thought all the stories were weak. I don't think any of them are going to get published even though Trump said he would "get" them published. By whom? Not Cavendish.