School visits!

I have seventeen school visits this spring and I've done about twelve of them. All have gone so well, I thought I'd share a few of the photos.

From a school in College Station! Some librarians should be artists!

The next one is from Plano:

This is my Paradise visit! :-)
They went all out!

My camera broke for most of the visits and I just bought a new one, so this is all I have, but if you're thinking about doing school visits--they are really fun (as you can see!) I receive many questions from the kids, but mostly they want to know if I'm famous. I tell them I'm only famous to my mother--but that's not good enough for them. They WANT me to be famous! LOL! One kid got SOOO angry with me that he crossed his arms and "Grrrd!" at me when I said I wasn't. Then he wanted to know if I made a lot of money. Because he was so miffed that I wasn't famous, I decided to play along and tell him what he wanted to hear, so I said yes. Well, he REALLY got mad then. He yelled, "That's not fair!" and stomped away.

Kids. Hilarious!

Here are some funny fan letters I've received:

I love the line at the end: "Do you think you could come to my house?"

This cute letter warmed my heart (and I LOVE they way she spells): "Where did you get your name Pam Calvert because I think it is butiful. You are the best arther I no."  Awww...

I love this line: "I haven't read all your books but I'm thanking they're still good." LOL!


Clara Gillow Clark said...

Thanks for sharing, Pam! Such great Welcomes and letters. I absolutely loved the kid with the giant glasses.

weegee580 said...

They are cute! I love it when I show up at a school visit and the kids surprise me with fun PEEPERS!