Unplugged August!

Several years ago, my husband and I got sick of how our children would constantly want to watch movies, tv, videos, and play on the computer during the summer. So, we decided to unplug for a whole month just to see if we could do it. And I mean we because I'm probably the worst offender. I don't watch much tv but I'm an incessant blogger/social networker. (I also LOVE video games--I got a PS3 for my birthday. I wonder how many 40 something women ask for that from their loving hubbies?) Well, once we did it, we found we actually played games with each other at night, read more books than ever, and had real conversations with our teens. (I also got a lot of writing done, too!)

It was awesome!

Since we did it in August, that's been our tradition. The kids hate August--it means unplugged and school starting. LOL!

But I'm looking forward to it. I won't be back until September. Maybe I'll finally get that novel done. I have five chapters to go but that's been the same all summer. HA!

Wish me luck!

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