New Things That I'm Obsessing Over...Proceed With Caution!

Now that it's unplugged August, I'm plugged in more than ever (isn't that strange? Kinda like prohibition! LOL!) Anyway, I've discovered some amazing things in my self-imposed unplugged-ness so I thought I'd share.

1. Pinterest: This is for those who obsess over all things. Yeah. THINGS! Anything you can think of or care about that's in pictures, you can "pin" and share with your friends. This is good if you have a book that needs a little ambiance. You can search for mood pics, characters, anything and put it in a book folder. I haven't done it yet, but I had fun looking at my daughter's pinterest folders. AWESOME! Can't wait to start. I'll share my own later.

2. Angry Birds: Yes, I'm late to the party. I had no idea about this incredibly addicting game because as my kids would say, I have a ghetto phone. I'm one of the only holdouts that doesn't have an iphone or droid. Hubby has a droid. Kids have iphones. I'm soooo uncool. Hubby was playing this game on his phone during my birthday. I fell asleep watching him annihilate green pigs with the most dastardly birds. Fun stuff. So, I got my own game on Google Chrome. Dumb when you're not supposed to play (@!($)#*@ unplugged August!)

3. My agent: Can't help it. She rocks. I'm going to post all about her once she gives me the green light. (I haven't asked her yet.) You can read about one of her amazing deals with another client here: Jenn Johansson. I will save all my info about her (and our meeting which was miraculous, really) in my future post.

4. Water for Elephants: I saw this movie on the plane coming home from LA and now I see Robert Pattinson in a whole new light. He can act! LOL! Anyway, once this movie gets on DVD, I'm buying it. I need to read the book!

5. Princess for Hire series: I saw Lindsey Leavitt in LA and we decided to exchange books--her second book in her series for my second book in mine. And they looked peculiarly similar:

Don't see the similarities?

Well, look at the first books!

See??? I'm not crazy am I? I wonder what her third book will look like...I'm reading the second book right now! I'll write a review when I'm done.


Corey Schwartz said...

Ha, ha. Those book covers do match well!

Pam Calvert said...

I thought so, too! Almost weird since our kids like each other's books so much. I'm DYING to see her next cover. :-)