How Did You Become Famous? And Other Funny Questions...

Okay, I'm back from a whirlwind of five school visits last week and I must say, I've been laughing at some of the funniest things that were said to me. Kids are so perfect. I wouldn't want to write for anyone else!

Here are some hilarious things that were said to me (the funniest is at the bottom of this post):

1.  CK1 (Cute Kid #1): Wow! We just saw your limosine outside. What does it feel like to ride in one of those?

Me (gasping, eyes wide): Limo? Outside? Mine? Erm...

CK2: Yeah!  We saw it!

Me (gasping some more, eyes huge now): Oh, well, that wasn't mine...and anyway, people rent limos all the time. They aren't that expensive.

CK1: To YOU! I live on a street that looks like the hood. No one keeps their houses nice. It was funny when I saw a limosine drive down my street.

Me (feeling ultra stupid and tiny): Um, well, I just drove here in my very old car. Heh...

(I guess they were used to celebrities. The last author that came to visit them was Marc Brown who, btw, charged the Title 1 schools $3500 for ONE SESSION! He did two schools per day and made $70K that week last year. Yeeps!)


2. CK 3: How did you become so famous?

Me (barely breathing, tongue tied): Who me? Famous? I think I'm famous only to my mother.


3.  CK 4: Are you rich?

Me (choking on my gum): Rich? Me? Nah...

CK 4 hits CK 5: See? I told you she wasn't rich.


4. CK 6 (pulls bangs up): SIGN MY FOREHEAD!

Me (thinking about what his mother will do to me when he shows up with my name scribbled on his head): I don't sign heads, but I will sign your arm. (I use a ballpoint pen.)

CK 6: OW!! That hurt!

Me: Oops.


5. I'm walking down the hallway after my presentations are over and after I signed some autographs (probably about fifty as kids surrounded me in a flurry.)

CK 7: Ms. Calvert, you signed an autograph for me, didn't you?

Me (wide eyed, had-no-idea-if-I-did, smiling): Oh, well, yeah, of course!


CK 8 (shakes head): Un uh! He forged your signature and is charging kids $2 an autograph!

Me (stomach plunges)

Here are some pics of a few of those cute kids. I'm going back and doing five more visits in November. I wonder what other things they'll have to say! HA!


KatherineR said...

Oooo, $2.00 a signature! LOL!

Love your shoes! Perfect!

Pam Calvert said...

Those pics were from a Friday session, so I got to dress down. Yes, I love my hot pink Nikes!

Ruth Donnelly said...

Too cute! Looks like a fun time. An author visited my school last week, and one little fellow kept asking, "But how do you get so MANY of them?" She had to explain the whole publishing process, which I don't think was part of her original plan.